Internal Seminars DFI


Lorenz Pendulum

Zig-Zag Instability 

Latent bifurcation

Bubbles interaction

First order
FreÚderickz transition

Phase-Separation in Granular media

Bouncing localized
structures in a LCLV

Mechanical Analog of laser

Inhomogeneous Freederickz transition

Patterns and localized structures in population dynamics

Localized states in bistable pattern forming systems

Reaction-diffusion approach to Nano-localized structure in absorbed monoatomic layers

Additive noise induces Front propagation

Localized patterns ans Holes solutions
in one dimension extended system

Noisy spatial Bifurcation

Parametrically driven instability in
quasi-reversal systems

Interface dynamics in 2D


Exotic states in liquid crystal

Transiciones topologicas LC


Spatiotemporal chaos and extreme events

Interacion luz y materia