IPCO 2013 Poster Session

The 16th Conference on Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization will hold a poster session for the first time. The poster session will be held from 6:30pm to 8:00pm on Monday March 18, and is meant to be an extended discussion, with a visual aid, to promote research carried out by the youngest members of the community. We thus welcome posters from PhD students and Postdocs on research in any of the IPCO themes. The poster session will be accompanied by refreshments.

List of accepted posters

Blanco, Marco: Two LP-based Approximation Algorithms for the Capacitated Facility Location Problem.

Angulo, Alejandro: Sequence Independent Lifting for Semi-Continuous Knapsack Set with Generalized Upper Bound Constraints.

Sáez, Pablo: A quadratic algorithm for 2-cyclic robotic scheduling with variable processing times and work-in-process <= 2.

Gleixner, Ambros M.: Undercover Branching.

Hildebrand, Robert: New Results on Gomory and Johnson's Infinite Group Problem.

Samer, Phillippe: Formulations and Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for Spanning Trees under Disjunctive Constraints.

Jannik Matuschke: Approximation algorithms for capacitated location routing.

The original call for poster can be seen below

IPCO 2013 Call for Posters

In order to present a poster, authors must email the following information to ipco2013@dim.uchile.cl by Jan 11, 2013:

  • Title
  • A one-page abstract
  • Name of person presenting the poster

Note that poster submissions are not refereed. However, the poster committee reserves the right to turn down submissions deemed out of scope. If the number of poster submissions exceeds capacity, priority will be given according to the date of submission. Poster slots will be confirmed by Jan 14, 2013. If any slots remain, submissions received after the deadline may be considered at the discretion of the committee.

Poster Preparation

Posters should be designed to fit within a space that is 85cm wide and 110cm high, and may consist of a single printed poster or separate pieces. Mounted posterboards, as well as pushpins and tape for attaching your poster to the posterboard, will be provided at the conference.

Poster Committee

  • José Correa
  • Daniel Espinoza
  • Marcos Goycoolea
  • Juan Peypouquet
  • José Soto
  • José Verschae