Research Projects

2022-2025  FONDECYT project 1220507 “Distributed Predictive Control Strategies based on Evolving Prediction Intervals for Energy-Water Microgrids”, Principal Investigator.

2022-2025  FONDECYT project 1221392 “Enhanced Control Flexibility of Modular Multilevel Converters through Continuous Set Model Predictive Control”, Co-Investigator.

2021-2024 FONDECYT project 1210031 “A Hidden-Markov-Model-based Failure Prognostic Framework for Real-time Prognostic Decision Making”, Co-Investigator.

2021 FONDART project 576104, “Participatory Design for the Creation of a University Cultivation System” Warriache, Co-Investigator.

2020-2021. FONDEF ID19I10363, “Open Expert System for Supporting the Water Resources Management through Low-cost Real-time Monitoring of Surface and Groundwater”, Co-Investigator.

2017-2020 Project FONDECYT 1170683 “Robust Distributed Predictive Control Strategies for the Coordination of Hybrid AC and DC Microgrids”, Principal Investigator.

2017-2020 Project FONDECYT 1170044 “Prognostics Performance Metrics based on Bayesian Cràmer-Rao Lower Bounds”, Co-Investigator.

2017-2019 Project FONDECYT (Postdoct Diego Muñoz Carpintero) 3170040, «Robust and Stochastic Predictive Control: Theory and Applications Approaching», Coinvestigator.

2016-2017 Project FONDEQUIP EQM160122 «Equipment for the Emulation and Testing of Energy Storage Systems», Co-Investigator.

2016-2017 Project REDES 150083 «Control Strategies and Hardware Topologies for the Operation of Energy Storage System in Microgrids», Academic link AC3E UTFSM-U. of Waterloo, Co-Investigator.

2015-2016 Project FONDEF IDeA 14I10063 «Design and Implementation of an Experimental Prototype of Microgrid for Mapuche Communities», Director.

2015-2016 Project Project from Ministry of Energy, Chile “Solar-Wind Energy Supply ‘Nehuen Kurruf Ka Antu’ for Community meeting place José Painecura”, Director.

2015-2016 Project FONDEF VIU14E075 «Development of a Real-time Estimator for the
Energy Available of Battery Banks in Volcanic Monitoring Stations», Sub-Director.

2014-2016 Project FONDECYT 1140775 «Design of Robust Predictive Control Strategies for the Operation of Microgrids with High Penetration of Renewable Energy”, Principal Investigator.

2013-2018 Project FONDAP Solar Energy Research Center, SERC-Chile,  Associated Researcher.

2013-2014 Project FONDEQUIP EQM130158 «Microgrid Emulator for the Design and Validation of Novel Control Strategies», Director.

2013-2014 Project Conicyt REDES130053 «Control Strategies for Micro-grids with High Penetration of Renewable Energy», U. Nottingham – CE, U. Chile, Principal Investigator.

2013-2014 Project Conicyt REDES130029 «Control and Management of Energy Storage Systems for Traction and Distributed Generation», U. Waterloo – CE, U. Chile, Co-Investigator.

2012-2013 Project FONDEQUIP EQM120111 «Programable power source and loads», Co-Investigator.

2012-2013 Project Conicyt REDENERG-0003 «Sustainability for Intelligent Micro-grids» U.Waterloo – CE, U. Chile, Principal Investigator.

2012-2013 Project Conicyt REDENERG-0002 «Efficient Applications of Lithium Batteries to Traction, Renewable Energies and Energy Storage», U. Nottingham-CE, U. Chile, Co-Investigator.

2011-date Project Conicyt FBO16, ICM: P-05-004-F, «Complex Engineering Systems Institute», Young Researcher.

2011-2013 Project FONDECYT 1110047 “Hybrid Fuzzy Predictive Control For Renewable Energy Plants”, Principal Investigator.

2010-2013 Project FONDECYT 1100239 “Advanced Modelling and Optimization of Dynamic Transport Systems”. Coinvestigator.

2007-2009  Project ACT32 Bicentennial Program in Science and Technology  “Real Time Intelligent Control for Integrated Transit Systems”, Associate Researcher.

2006-2007  Project FONDECYT 1061156 “Design of Predictive Control Strategies based on Fuzzy Hybrid Modeling”, Principal Researcher.

2004-2005 Project FONDECYT 1040698 “Predictive Hybrid Control Systems with Continuous and Quantized Variables”, Principal Researcher.

“Supervisory Control Strategies Design for Multivariable Non Linear Systems and its Application to Thermoelectric Plants”, Department of Research and Development, Universidad de Chile, Principal Researcher.

2003 International Project EPSRC “Towards Multiple-model based Learning Control Paradigms for Complex Systems”, Researcher.

“Design of Supervisory Optimal Control strategies for Multivariable Non Linear Systems”, Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas, Universidad de Chile, Principal Researcher.

2000 Project FONDECYT 4000026 “Stability for Optimizing Supervisory Control Systems with Defined Regulatory Structure”, Principal Researcher.

1999-1998 Project FONDECYT 2980029 “Design of Predictive Control Strategies based on Non Linear Models and its Application to the Control of Thermal Power Plants», Principal Researcher.