Manuel A. Duarte Mermoud

Course Position Dates 
Advanced Control Systems 
(EL-650) In Spanish.
Lecturer Mar.1993-Jul.1993
Lecturer Mar.1995-Jul.1995
Lecturer Mar.1996-Jul.1996
Mar.1997-Jul. 1997
Adaptive Control Systems 
(EM-725) In Spanish. 
Lecturer Aug.1989-Dec.1989
Lecturer Aug.1990-Dec.1990
Lecturer Aug.1992-Dec.1992 
Lecturer Aug.1993-Dec.1993
Lecturer Aug.1994-Dec.1994
Lecturer Aug.1995-Dec.1995 
Lecturer Aug.1996-Dec.1996 
Systems and Control I 
(EE 336a) E.E. Department, Yale University.
Teaching Assistant Sep.1988-Dec.1988
Adaptive Control 
(EE 920b) E.E. Department, Yale University.
Teaching Assistant  Jan.1988-May.1988 
Teaching Assistant Jan.1987-May.1987
Control of Flexible Space Structures 
(EE 696b) E.E. Department, Yale University.
Teaching Assistant Jan.1986-May.1986 
Linear Systems (ControlI) 
(EE 902a) E.E. Department, Yale University. 
Teaching Assistant Sep.1985-Dec.1985 
Nonlinear Control Systems 
(EL-640 or EM-716) In Spanish.
Lecturer Aug.1981-Dec.1981
Lecturer Aug.1982-Dec.1982 
Lecturer Aug.1983-Dec.1983
Systems Identification for Control Systems 
(EL-651 or EM- 717) In Spanish. 
Assitant Lecturer Aug.1982-Dec.1982
Assistant Lecturer  Aug.1983-Dec.1983
Lecturer  Mar.1991-Jul.1991
Analysis and Modeling of Dynamic Systems 
(EL-302 or El-32D) In Spanish.
Teaching Assistant  Mar.1975-Jul.1976
AssistantLecturer Aug.1976-Dec.1979 
Lecturer Mar.1980-Dec.1982 
Assistant Lecturer Mar.1983-Jul.1984
Lecturer1 Mar.1984-Jul.1984 
Lecturer3  Aug.1988-Dec.1988 
Lecturer Mar.1989-Jul.1990 
Lecturer2  Aug.1990-Dec.1990
Lecturer  Mar.1991-Dec.1994 
Lecturer Aug.199-Dec.1999
Control Systems 
(EL-305or EL 42D) In Spanish. 
Teaching Assistant Mar.1974-Dec.1974 
Assistant Lecturer2 Aug.1980-Dec.1980 
Lecturer1  Aug.1980-Dec.1980
Lecturer1 Aug.1981-Dec.1981
Lecturer Mar.1983-Jul.1983
Lecturer Mar.1996-up to now
Project Workshop on Control II 
(EL-515) In Spanish.
Lecturer1 Aug.1983-Dec.1983
Electric Power Systems 
(EL-403) In Spanish. 
Teaching Assistant  Aug.1977-Dec.1979 
Assistant Lecturer Mar.1980-Jul.1982 
Lecturer1  Mar.1981-Jul.1981 
Electromagnetic Fields 
(EL-327) In Spanish.
Teaching Assistant  Mar.1975-Dec.1977 
Electricity and Electronics 
(EL-408) In Spanish. 
Teaching Assistant Mar.1975-Jul.1977

1 Shared position; 1/3 time
2 Shared position; 1/2 time
3 Shared position; 1/4 time
All the Lectures at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Chile, except where indicated.