Second International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems


December 01-04, Santiago, Chile

HIS’02 – Detailed Wednesday Program


WE 1:


Industrial Applications


A Railway Interlocking Safety Verification System Based on Abductive Paraconsistent Logic Programming   

K. Nakamatsu, J.M. Abe, A. Suzuki

Complete Algorithm to realize CI Model-based Control and Monitoring Strategies on Microcontroller Systems         

K.D. Kramer, S. Patzwahl, T. Nacke

Using Genetic Algorithms for Minimizing the Production Costs of Hollow Core Slabs

V.C. Castilho, M.C. Nicoletti, M.K. El Debs


Recognizing Malicious Intention in an Intrusion Detection Process

F. Cuppens, F. Autrel, A. Miège, S. Benferhat

A Self-growing Probabilistic Decision-based Neural Network with Applications to Anchor/Speaker Identification

S.S. Cheng, Y.H. Chen, C.L. Tseng, H.C. Fu, H.T. Pao

HyCAR - A Robust Hybrid Control Architecture for Autonomous Robots

F.J. Heinen, F.S. Osório       


Web Computing

Balancing Volume, Quality and Freshness in Web Crawling

R. Baeza-Yates, C. Castillo

Learnable Topic-specific Web Crawler

N. Angkawattanawit, A. Rungsawang

A Spatial Dimension for Searching the World Wide Web

M.A. Rodríguez

Building Yearbooks with RDF

E.K. Morales, C. Gutiérrez

A non-Deterministic versus Deterministic Algorithm for Searching Spatial Configurations

M.C. Jarur, M.A. Rodríguez

Parallel Text Query Processing using Composite Inverted Lists

M. Marin

Data Mining I


Sparse Distributed Memory with Adaptive Threshold

J.L. Aguilar, N. Perozo

UniLR: An Automated Fuzzy Legal Reasoner

D. Sharma

Set Approximation Quality Measures in the Variable Precision Rough Set Model

W. Ziarko

A Data Preparation Bayesian Approach for a Clustering Genetic Algorithm

E.R. Hruschka Jr., E.R. Hruschka, N.F.F. Ebecken

Reconstruction of conditional distribution field based on empirical data

C.A. Jakovlevich


WE 2:


Data Mining II


Bi-Directional Flow of Information in the Softboard Architecture

S. Macedo, E. Mamdani

Voice Codification using Self Organizing Maps as Data Mining Tool

J.D. Velásquez, H. Yasuda, T. Aoki, R. Weber

Identifying Patterns of Corporate Tax Payment

M. C. Martins, I.M. Garaffa

Self-Organized Data and Image Retrieval as a Consequence of Inter-Dynamic Synergistic Relationships in Artificial Ant Colonies

V. Ramos, F. Muge, P. Pina


Interactive Systems


Human Reasoning In Soft Computing

V.S. Kumar

A Focus and Constraint-Based Genetic Algorithm for Interactive Directed Graph Drawing

H.A.D. do Nascimento, P. Eades

Dialogue Act Connectionist Detection in a Spoken Dialogue System

E. Sanchis, M.J. Castro

A Trial Method to Create a Natural Interaction in Interactive Genetic Algorithm         

F. Sugimoto, M. Yoneyama


Machine Learning III


Active Learning Using One-class Classification

I. Gokcen, J. Peng, B.P. Buckles

Latent Semantic Indexing Based on Factor Analysis

N. Kawamae

Document Oriented Modeling of Cellular Automata

C. Veenhuis, M. Köppen