Second International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems


December 01-04, Santiago, Chile

HIS’02 – Detailed Tuesday Program


TU 1:


Support Vector Machines and Kernel Methods


An Empirical Comparison of Kernel Selection for Support Vector Machines

A.B.M. Shawkat Ali, A. Abraham

Adaptive Support Vector Classifications

Z. Liu, Y. Xu

Mercer's Kernel Based Learning for Fault Detection

B. Ribeiro, P. Carvalho

Performance Based Feature Identification for Intrusion Detection Using Support Vector Machines

S.  Mukkamala, A.H. Sung


Hybrid Systems


Hybrid Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithms

H. Ishibuchi, T. Yoshida

Comparison of Fuzzy Rule Selection Criteria for Classification Problems        

H. Ishibuchi, T. Yamamoto

Linguistic Hedges: a Quantifier Based Approach         

M. De Cock

Ensembles in Practice: Predication, Estimation, Multi-Feature and Noisy Data

S. Zemke


Signal and Image Processing III


Combining Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks to Build a Signal Pattern Classifier

R.S. Youssif, C.N. Purdy

Accurate Human Face Extraction using Genetic Algorithm and Subspace Method

M. Murakami, M. Yoneyama, K. Shirai

The Evolutionary Learning Rule for System Identification in Adaptive Finite Impulse Filters

O. Montiel, O. Castillo, P. Melin, R. Sepulveda

2D-Histogram Lookup for Low-contrast Fault Processing

M. Köppen, R. Vicente Garcia, X. Liu, B. Nickolay


TU 2:


Agent Architectures

Designing Not-So-Dull Virtual Dolls

F. Zambetta, G. Catucci

SADISCO: A Scalable Agent Discovery and Composition Mechanism

J.J. Nolan, A.K. Sood, R. Simon

MAYBE - Multi-Agent Yield-Based Engineering : Improve Training in the Emergency Room Chain

S. Gouarderes, G. Gouarderes, P. Delpy

3D-CG Avatar Motion Design by means of Interactive Evolutionary Computation

H. Iba, N. Tokui, H. Wakaki 

Alliance Formation with Several Coordinators

V. Marik, V. Mashkov


Web and Multimedia Applications


Clustering Web User Interests Using Self Organising Maps

X. Wang, K.A. Smith

Web Traffic Mining Using a Concurrent Neuro-Fuzzy Approach

X. Wang, A. Abraham, K.A. Smith

Panoramic View System for Extracting Key Sentences based on Viewpoints and an Application to a Search Engine  

W. Sunayama, M. Yachida

Frequent Flyer Points Calculator: More Than Just a Table Lookup

G.W. Rumantir

A Large Benchmark Dataset for Web Document Clustering

M.P. Sinka, D.W. Corne       

Simulating an Information Ecosystem within the WWW

R.L. Walker