Second International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems


December 01-04, Santiago, Chile


HIS´02 - Special Sessions

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Katrin Franke and Javier Ruiz-del-Solar

"Hybrid Biometric Systems"
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Ernesto Cuadros and Adenilso da Silva

"Hybrid Systems for Software Engineering"
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Roseli Ap. Francelin Romero and Ernesto
Cuadros Vargas

"Evolutionary Computation for NP-Problems"
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Richard Weber

"Feature Selection with Intelligent Systems"
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Fabio Abbattista, Francesco Scagliola and
Fabio Zambetta

"Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Creative Behaviour"
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Gonzalo Navarro and Mauricio Marín

"Web Computing"
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S. R. Kannan

"Hybrid Fuzzy Expert Systems"
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Fabio Abbattista, Pasquale Lops and
Govanni Semeraro

"Hybrid Intelligent Systems for Intrusion Detection"
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