Second International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems


December 01-04, Santiago, Chile

HIS’02 – Detailed Monday Program




Neural Systems I


The use of a Back Propagation Neural Network to determine the load distribution on a component

R. Amali, J. Vinney, S. Noroozi, V. Patel                 

Performance-guided Neural Network for Rapidly Self-Organising Active Network Management       

S.W. Lee, D. Palmer-Brown, J. Tepper, C. Roadknight

An Automated Hybrid Reasoning System for Forecasting

F. Fdez-Riverola, J.M. Corchado

Rule Extraction from Bagged Neural Networks

G. Bologna    


Fuzzy Sets


A Fuzzy Relatedness Measure for Determining Interestingness of Association Rules

B. Shekar, R. Natarajan        

Factor Analysis with Qualitative Factors as Fuzzy Numbers

E. Rakus-Andersson, L. Zakrzewski

An Imperfect String Matching Experience Using Deformed Fuzzy Automata

J.J. Astrain, J.R. Garitagoitia, J. Villadangos, F. Fariña, A. Córdoba

An XML-based specification of fuzzy logic controllers

D. Mastropasqua, N. Mosca, F. Zambetta   


Evolutionary Computation

Analyzing the Founder Effect in Simulated Evolutionary Processes Using Gene Expression Programming

C. Ferreira

A Permutation Based Genetic Algorithm for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

K.C. Wiese, E. Glen

Design of Strong Causal Fitness Functions

S. Hirche, I. Santibanez-Koref, I. Boblan

Noise and Elitism in Evolutionary Computation

T. Beker, L. Hadany




Signal and Image Processing I


Eigenspace-based Face Recognition: A comparative study of different hybrid approaches

P. Navarrete, J. Ruiz-del-solar

Pattern Recognition with Ultrasonic Sensor using Classification Methods

N. Ait Oufroukh, E. Colle

A Color Pattern Recognition Problem based on the Multiple Classes Random Neural Network Model

J. Aguilar

Jigsawing : A Method to Create Virtual Examples in OCR data

S.V.N. Vishwanthan, M.N. Murty


Machine Learning I


An Efficient Algorithm in Optimal Partition Problem for Trees Induction

M. Asseraf

Condition Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis and Decision Support on Urgency of Actions

G.Weidl, A.Madsen, E.Dahlquist

Towards Landscape Analyses to Inform the Design of Hybrid Local Search for the Multiobjective Quadratic Assignment Problem          

J.D. Knowles, D.W. Corne

Enhancing Real-World Applicability by Providing Confidence-in-Prediction in the XCS Classifier System      

P.W. Dixon, D.W. Corne, M.J. Oates


Features and Classification

A Trainable Classifier via k Nearest Neighbors

I. Mora-Jiménez, A. Lyhyaoui, J. Arenas-García, A. Navia-Vázquez, A.R. Figueiras-Vidal

Combining Classifiers with Multimethod Approach

M. Lenič, P. Kokol

Feature Extraction by Distance Neural Network in Classification Tasks

C. Maturana, R. Weber

Revealing Feature Interactions in Classification Tasks

D. Partridge, S. Cang           




Neural Systems II


Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis to Preserve the Order of Principal Components

R. Saegusa, S. Hashimoto     

A Neural Network Model of Rule-guided Behavior

T. Minami, T. Inui     

Selection of Models for Time Series Prediction via Meta-Learning

R.B. Cavalcante Prudêncio, T.B. Ludermir  

Spiking Neurons in Clustering of Diabetic Retinopathy Data

K. Cios, W. Jackson, W. Swiercz, L. Springhetti


Machine Learning II


Towards a Unique Framework to Describe and Compare Diagnosis Approaches

C.H. Zanni, M. Le Goc, C.S. Frydman

Experimental Evaluation of the PLA-Based Permutation-Scheduling

J. Jedrzejowicz, P. Jedrzejowicz

A Study of K-Nearest Neighbour as an Imputation Method   

Gustavo E. A. P. A. Batista, M.C. Monard

Determining The Degree of Generalization Using An Incremental Learning Algorithm

P. Zegers, M.K. Sundareshan


Signal and Image Processing II


Model-Based Restoration of Short-Exposure Solar Images

M. Haindl, S. Šimberová

Using a Helper FFN to Represent the Cost Function for Training DRNN's by Gradient Descent

R.K. Brouwer

Scene-Based Nonuniformity Correction Method Using the Inverse Covariance Form of the Kalman Filter     

S. Torres, J. Pezoa

Adaptive Bias Compensation for Non-Uniformity Correction on Infrared Focal Plane Array Detectors          

E. Vera, R. Reeves, S. Torres