Claudio A. Perez: Short Biography

Faculty member at Universidad de Chile
Electrical Engineering

Claudio A. Perez received the B.S.(EE) (1980), the PE (EE) and the M.S. in Biomedical Engineering (1985) from Universidad de Chile. He was a Fulbright student at the Ohio State University where he obtained the Ph.D. (1991). In 1990 he was a Presidential Fellow and received a Graduate Student Alumni Research Award from O.S.U. In 1991 he received a Fellowship for Chilean scientists from Fundacion Andes. He is member of the IEEE/SMC, IEEE/CIS, Sigma-Xi, and OSU Alumni Association. He received funding from Fulbright Foundation through the Alumni Initiatives Award Program for Academic Interchange for research visits between U. of Chile and U.C., Berkeley (2002-2004). Currently he is a Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Chile. His research interests include face biometrics, man-machine interfaces and pattern recognition. He was the Chairman at the Electrical Engineering Department (08/2003-07/2006).