Dr. Javier Ruiz del Solar
Department of Electric Engineering
Universidad de Chile
Av. Tupper 2007, Santiago, Chile
Phone: (+562) 678 4207 / (+562) 678 4087
Fax: (+562) 695 3881
e-mail: jruizd@ing.uchile.cl


Electrical Engineer, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
M. Sc. Electrical Engineering, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Doctor Engineer, Tecnical University Berlin

Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Universidad de Chile
Director of the Electrotechnology Laboratory (Universidad de Chile)
Biometric Systems, Face Recognition, Application of Soft-Computing 
technologies to Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition problems, 
Texture Analysis, Retrieval and Synthesis, Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Educational Activities with Children using Robotics
Electrotechnology Laboratory (LI2)
Int. Conf. on Hybrid Intelligent Systems-HIS 2002
Center for WEB Research
Primer Concurso Latinoamericano IEEE de Robótica para Estudiantes